Sisel Kaffe K-Cup Machine

Now for a limited time, pre-order the Sisel Kaffé Maker, and start sharing Sisel Kaffé like never before. This ultimate brewing machine was personally selected by Tom Mower Sr. as the exclusive coffee machine for Sisel Kaffé. Now you can hand a cup of hot, delicious Sisel Kaffé to your family and friends with a Sisel-branded coffee machine.

Key Features

  • Brew rich and flavorful Sisel Kaffé every cup
  • Refillable cup for Sisel Kaffé Premium Black Ground
  • Ready to use the convenient Kaffé-Cup (coming soon)
  • Automatically dispense your cup of coffee with either six of eight ounces
  • 'Pad' component for future tea and soup products

The hot water injection of the Sisel Kaffé Maker is ramped up to an effective 3.5 millibars pressure. This increased pressure gives the coffee an intense flavor experience that will really 'wow' your prospects.

Unlike a standard K-cup machine, the Sisel Kaffé-Kup function uses eight different water jets with one powerful exit out of the Kaffé-Cup. The blasts give a huge surge of volume and flavor which creates a whirlpool of criss-crossing injections thoroughly dissolving the micro-ground coffee. In the end, you have a rich, full burst of flavor unlike any other coffee machine.

The Sisel Kaffé Maker can use Sisel's Premium Black Ground bagged coffee and the upcoming Black Ground Kaffé-Cup. This limited-edition coffee maker will only be offered as supplies last - so hurry and buy today!