Science and Innovation based Business Opportunity

Sisel International is poised to provide healthier, wealthier lifestyles, and is committed to re-establishing the dreams of independent distributors worldwide. Their vision of a happier, longer life has given rise to a vast array of products in a wide range of markets. If you want to create an independent business that encourages responsible, healthy lifestyles and have the income to enjoy it, then you need to learn more about the Sisel Kaffé distributorship.

Sisel SafeSisel International founded a state of the art research and manufacturing facility to ensure the quality and safety they were supplying their distributors, customers and families. The products they produced have undergone extensive research and testing to reach exceptionally high standards. They use materials that can be safely processed without harmful side effects or results. This strict method of research and development has led to the "Sisel Safe Promise". A promise they take seriously when examining the results of any newly emerging products. Whether its coffee, shampoos, vitamins, or dental products, Sisel International is committed to spreading Tom Mower's vision of a safe, long life with the means and ability to enjoy it.

Living long enough to enjoy the fruits of success is an enticing goal for many entrepreneurs and business owners. With that goal in mind, Tom Mower put everything he had to the test and with his team, developed a system to provide a business model that encourages, strengthens and inspires their independent distributors to create the healthy and happy lives they have always envisioned for themselves and their loved ones.

Tom Mower and his team understood early on that living and functioning were difficult to do and almost impossible without the necessary income and physical health required to do so. Using the experience and knowledge gained from years of sales and network marketing, Tom Mower headed the innovative multilevel marketing structure, or MLM, that provides so many different revenue streams for distributors to take advantage of. The idea of personalizing your life and owning your own business while providing life-changing opportunities for your family, friends and neighbors was not lost on the management team of Sisel International.

The wide variations of products allow distributors to create the business they envision for their own income streams. They have access to a whole catalog of products where they can focus on specific areas or specific products as they wish. With the ability to mix and match, individual styles and tastes are no problem. The distributors can grow and develop their teams with confidence and security as each new product rolls out.

Dream Your Dream

Becoming an independent Sisel distributor is one great step towards obtaining the freedom and flexibility needed to have the lifestyle many envision for themselves and their loved ones. Personal home-based businesses change your life by providing the opportunity to:

  • Start with a small investment

  • Create a steady and residual income stream that meets your financial goals

  • Work and play on your family's timetable

  • Choose your own teammates

  • Take advantage of home-based business tax benefits

Sisel International has developed a network marketing distributorship system that allows independent business owners to create multilevel income streams while improving their physical well-being and that of their families and friends. Their line of coffee, health and personal care products give you the ability to have a healthy, strong body and enjoy the lifestyle you want to create. The business plan they help you create will allow everyone to enjoy this same vision and help you reach personal health and income goals.


Sisel Kaffé is just one small line of products available to allow you to provide a special service to your family, friends, neighbors and community. Coffee is a staple in many households throughout the world. Offering a variety of merchandise geared to meet this need gives you an opportunity to expand your business in healthy ways that enhances physical health and increase your confidence and stamina. You have the independence to determine what you want to do with your business, whom you want to help and who your team members will be. The choice is yours.


Sisel Kaffé distributorships offer opportunities to individuals who want better lifestyles. The business model uses a tried and true multi-level marketing plan or MLM that gives you the chance to build your personal business and help your family and friends at the same time. You receive a commission on your sales and the sales of any distributors you sign up. Additionally, any members they sign up also add to your commission base. Excitedly, the line of commission continues with every member who signs up under you and down-line on your group. The enticing part of this plan is that you build your lifestyle around products you and your family already need or use. You create a healthier, more satisfying and peaceful existence while doing the things you need to do. Friends, families and neighbors will see the great changes and ask for information themselves. You can help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle through your success. Everyone will want to know your secret and you may choose to share a new dream with them, too.

Vast Potential

Sisel provides a large avenue of income potential through their extensively tested health supplements and dental products as well as their line of coffee. Making a sale through one of these lines produces the next opportunity for additional sales along other avenues increasing your business. The possibility of add-on sales is better when these products have a valued history and even more valued future. The extensive testing and research this company has completed provides customers and clients a reassurance that their health and safety is important. This added trust makes purchasing decisions easier when faced with choices later. As a Sisel brand partner or independent distributor, you get the added benefit of knowing that these products actually work as they claim to.

Dream your dream and make it come true with a strong business foundation to help you start right. With a business built on providing healthy choices, longer lives and better lifestyles for everyone, Sisel is there to support you and your needs as you grow.