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Popularity of Coffee in the USA

Walking into the kitchen to pour that first cup of coffee is a revered and treasured part of an early morning routine, and creating the perfect cup is an activity many coffee drinkers consider an art. Likewise, heading into a coffee shop and seeing the barista start to brew up that wonderful cup without a word required to order is a cherished part of so many mornings. More Americans than ever are brewing up a cup each day, and these days it's possible to enjoy a great cup of coffee in just about any flavor or format from premium fresh coffee beans to instant coffee.

The National Coffee Association (NCA) regularly tracks coffee drinking in the United States and revealed that consumption of coffee in America reached an astounding 83 percent, according to their recent survey. Other interesting facts to come out of that survey included the not-so-surprising news that single cup coffee makers have grown sharply in their popularity. In addition, the survey suggested over 60 percent of people drank coffee every single day.

Statistics suggest that the average coffee drinker who drinks coffee every day consumes just over 3 cups every day and that the average size of those cups is 9 ounces. The National Coffee Association's Research also shows that Hispanic America consumes more coffee than any other ethnic group. Incredibly, over 75 percent of Hispanics surveyed by the NCA said that they had consumed at least one cup of coffee the day previous. Caucasian respondents to the survey were under 65 percent for daily consumption.


Centuries of Enjoying Coffee

Coffee drinking is an activity that has been popular around the world since the 16th century, although history suggests that the first coffee drinkers might have been enjoying their morning cup as early as the 13th century. Due to coffee's extraordinary popularity, there are a few different origin stories surrounding the birth of coffee drinking. One story suggests that a mystic from Yemen was traveling in Ethiopia and saw some birds that seemed rather hyper. He traced their hyperactivity to a bean, which he tried and found also made him frenzied.

Another interesting story suggests that a goat herder from Ethiopia noticed his goats getting a little excited after they ate some berries off a particular plant. The goat herder tried the berries himself and after feeling the effects brought his discovery to a local religious man. Although the monk initially thought the berries were useless, his act of tossing them in the fire resulted in such a wonderful aroma that he decided to experiment with the discovery.

During the earliest years of coffee's spread across the planet, the first drinkers outside of Africa were located in the Middle East, but premium fresh coffee beans soon spread across Europe. The arrival of coffee in the Americas occurred in the early 1700s when the first cups were enjoyed in the Caribbean island of Martinique. It would be less than 20 years before growing coffee trees would become regular business in the New World.

Premium Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean Plantation

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